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Below you will find helpful search engines and websites where archival positions have been listed. IU ILS students should also consider joining the ILS Job Listserv. Details on how to sign up can be found here on the ILS website.

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ALA Job List

While primarily dedicated to librarian and information science positions, a “Job Ad Quick Search” of “archiv” does return a variety of positions, including project archivists and openings in special collections and rare books. Not all the postings are for archival jobs, especially if the ad references a specific archive while describing the school’s resources.

ARMA International’s CareerLink

This site, maintained by the Association for Information Management Professionals, provides a listing of positions for those primarily interested in records management, though a few archival openings are listed. To search the jobs without registering, use the provided username and password. To do a keyword search, select “Keyword Search” from the “Revise Job Search” drop-down menu. Most positions listed are non-academic.

Association of Research Libraries

Established in 1996, the career resources online services, seeks to provide job hunters with an easy-to-use resource for finding positions in ARL libraries. It offers a powerful search tool so users may search for positions in a variety of ways and with certain criteria (i.e. searching by state or region or date posted). For archival positions, it is best to do a Position Title search (click the “Search” button on the main page) that begins with “archiv”. Note: Site is only accessible using Internet Explorer.

Chronicle of Higher Education

While archival management positions are listed under “Library/information science,” use a keyword search of “archive” to turn up a variety of results ranging from tenure track positions to project archivist openings. Most jobs posted will be from academic archives or libraries.


Though not nearly as populated as SAA’s employment page or the Chronicle of Higher Education’s career search, this site will turn up several jobs not listed elsewhere. A keyword search of “archivist” returns positions ranging from project archivists to some related librarian openings. The posted jobs are from academic libraries and archival facilities.

Inside Higher Education

Comparable to HigherEd Jobs, this search engine does not have a large listing, in fact, a search for “archivist” only produces two results (search done 9/22/06), but the engine provides a means for finding both national and international opportunities. Users may also want to browse the “Librarians” listings for additional employment possibilities.


One can either join the listserv and receive job announcements via email or may search the archived listing of positions. To search online, click “Archive” from the main page (under “Unsubscribe”). While the interface isn’t the cleanest out there, jobs are listed chronologically, dating back to 1995. A keyword search of “archiv” produces a large quantity of results but many are from the word “archive” existing in the announcement rather than being actual positions; on the contrary, a search for “archivist” only results in a couple hits. With the advanced search, users can search by month and add some limitations to the search to narrow the results.

Library Job Postings

Though this site does not contain individual job postings, it does contain an impressive list of regional job search engines for a variety of specilized librarian positions as well as regional websites. Additionally, a searchable job positing page may be found under the “Combined Job Ads” link (a combination of Library Job Postings and LIS Jobs).

I Need A Library Job

Geared more toward library and information science positions than archival openings. Additionally, not all jobs listed are confined to academic settings. Users may also browse the job listings by state, nationwide, or international openings.

LITA: Library & Information Technology Association

This site updates on Wednesdays and posts library and information technology positions, including some in archives.

SAA Employment Bulletin

This is probably one of the most popular listings of archival positions on the internet. Though one cannot search through the postings and it only keeps the positions up for about two months, a wide scope of openings are listed. The bulletin is updated every Thursday. Additionally, users may also want to join SAA’s listserv where new jobs are posted almost daily.

Special Libraries Association (SLA) Job Postings

While this site is primarily for librarian positions, and a search for “archivist” returns only a couple openings, one is able to search by location, job environment (academic, Fortune 500, Non-profit, etc.), and a few other categories. One needs to be an SLA member to see the actual position description, but since the location is listed, one should be able to obtain this information from the employer’s homepage.

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America’s JobBank

One of the more popular and populated non-academic search engines. This search engine has a very powerful advance search feature that allows users to search by region, state, national, or international. Additionally, users may search by date, education level, and salary. Some academic openings are listed.

Career Builder

A growing search engine comparable to or A search for “archivist” returns a few hits, while a search for “archive” results in a variety of records analyst and archiving positions (many of which require some degree of technical skills). Most openings listed are for corporate or private businesses.


InfoCurrent is a staffing agency for the library and records management field.

Library of Congress

This is one of the major “hardcore employers of archivists” in the DC area. Besides job postings, the site also contains internship, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities. Users may narrow their search by specific organizational unit within the LOC — Library Services, Office of Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Librarian, Enabling Infrastracture, Copyright, Law Library, and Congressional Research Service.

Monster Does anything else need to be said about this engine? Primarily non-academic postings for those interested in working in the corporate and private sectors.

National Archives

Given the nearly 30 different national repositories throughout the United States, the NARA offers a variety of different employment opportunities — from entry level positions (Archives Aid Technician) to more advanced and experienced openings (Museum Specialist). Using the search engine may be a bit daunting, but users are able to narrow their criteria, location, and salary range with the Advanced Search feature.

Smithsonian Institution

Another “hardcore employer of archivists” in the D.C. area. The Smithsonian offers a wide variety of job opportunities. Users may sort the job postings by pay scale; jobs are initially listed by closure date. This site also provides information for those interested in internships, fellowships, or working as volunteers.


This is the official job site of the U.S. Federal Government. Search by keyword, location, or category. Archives positions are under “Library and Archives.”

Career Jet

A general search engine that is comparable to Searches can be conducted
based on job title or job location, which includes employment opportunities around the
world.  While the advanced search option is rather basic, there is a “my searches” tab
that will track your search history.

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California Professional Jobs

Maintained by UCLA’s Department of Information Studies, this is just a straight-forward list of librarian and archivist positions in California. Most openings are for non-academic environments but a few schools have posted jobs. No search feature is available so users must search on their own using “CTL+F”. The site also lists some out-of-state librarian and archivist jobs.

Florida Library Jobs

Looking for a job on the southern peninsula? Check out this site that is maintained by Florida’s Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services. It is heavily geared toward library positions but one can do a keyword search for “archive” or “archivist” and return a few openings. Users are also able to search by region, library type, and job classification (or just get one big list).

Metro Magnet Jobs

From the middle of nowhere to the middle of everywhere, Metro Magnet Jobs provides a listing of positions available in the New York Metropolitan area. The site is organized and maintained by the Metropolitan New York Library Council. Users are able to search by specialization (archivist included), location (all confined to New York City), library type (academic, public, or special), and date.

Clarion University: Library Science Placement

This site is maintained by Clarion University (Clarion, PA) and provides a pretty good listing of library positions that are currently available in the Midwest (defined as IL, IN, IA, KS, MI, MN, NE, ND, OH, SD; WI). No search feature is available so users must either scroll through the list or do a page search with “CTL+F”.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference

Maybe one of the better listings of archival job openings in the mid-Atlantic area, with a few other posts from outside the region. There is no search feature, so users have to scroll through the entire page. Postings are listed chronologically in the order received. Fellowships and internships are also listed at the very bottom.

Nebraska Library Commission

Like the Midwest? Like vast quantities of flat land and corn? This site posts library and a few archival positions found in Nebraska and a few of the surrounding states.

New England Jobline

Organized and maintained by Simmons College’s Graduate School of Library and Information Science, this site provides a listing of library and archival jobs in the New England area. Users are able to search the postings by type of position — academic, public, school, special, and archive.

New York State Libraries

This site provides a list of library positions for the state of New York. Jobs are listed by date posted to the site. The page also provides a variety of other resources for sites that post Reference & Research positions as well as Public Library openings in New York.

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