The Officers

Allison Haack, President
Allison Haack is a second year ILS student studying Library Science with a specialization in Archives and Records Management. She has an undergraduate degree in History from Simpson College. Allison is interested in traditional archival work and local history and would like to work at a university archive or historical society. When she’s not in class or working at the IU Archives, Allison enjoys reading, going to museums, and all things Harry Potter.

Hannah Keeney, Vice President
Hannah Keeney is excited to serve SAA-SC as the Vice-President. Originally from Phoenix Arizona, Hannah is a second year MLS student specializing in Archives and Records Management. She is looking forward to beginning an archives-centered library career that plays to her interests in service, academics, and international studies.

Steve Heinen, Treasurer
Steve Heinen, who will serve as the SAA-SC treasurer, grew up on a farm outside La Porte City, Iowa. Not knowing what he wanted to do with himself following high school, combined with the events on September 11th (which happened his sophomore year) Steve enlisted in the US Army from 2004 to 2008.

Upon returning from enlistment, Steve immediately started his college career majoring in history and political science. This decision was made largely due to the fact that he had always been proud of his cultural heritage along with his involvement in the conflict that will define part of his life. Going into archives and records management afterwards was almost automatic for him. Now with graduation on the horizon in December, he looks forward to engaging in ARM as a professional!

Alessandro Meregaglia, Secretary
Alessandro Meregaglia is a first-year MLS student specializing in Archives and Records Management. He received his B.A. in American Studies from Hillsdale College (Michigan). He is primarily interested in processing special collections, although he also enjoys working in digital archives (and digital humanities in general). Upon graduation, Alessandro hopes to work as an archivist either in an university archive or special collections library.

Cara Vukusich, Outreach Chair
Cara Vukusich is a second year student in ILS pursuing an MLS degree with a focus in Archives and Records Management. Her professional interests include copyright, information policy, intellectual freedom, intellectual property, open access, and scholarly communications. Though she could see herself in an academic library setting, the corporate non-for-profit area would be ideal. Upon graduation Cara hopes to move back to the Chicago area.

Cara is a humanitarian at heart. When she has established her career she plans to become actively involved in her community, participating in mentorship programs for kids. Cara also plans to dedicate time to volunteer work at animal shelters.

Jessica Lopez, Academic Conference Chair
Jessica Lopez is a first year ILS student specializing in Archives and Records Management. Her interest in this field is mostly due to the movie National Treasure. After seeing it in theaters her eighth grade year she felt inspired! The fact that history (something she has always had an interest in) could lead us to find something truly incredible in the present day opened her eyes to what at the time felt like another world.

Jessica’s interests lie in history, and especially the preservation of women’s life in history. And so, her determination to preserve their memory has led her to the beautiful city of Bloomington and to this great program. She’s excited for the opportunity to serve in the SAA-SC student chapter and make our conference a successful one!


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